A Coruña Technical School of architecture degree.
Urban planning specialty, with rating NOTABLE thesis. 1994

MASTER in Pathology and Architectural Restoration.E.T.S.A. A Coruña. Galicia & Institute of Technology. 1997

Ph.D. in Historical and architectural restoration.
Department of Architectural Technology. University of A Coruña.E.T.S.A. A Coruña.1997-98, 1998-99.

Construction of Eco-housing: environmentally friendly materials. Building eco-innovations.June 2010.

Sustainability in building: Systems and tools for evaluation. Building eco-innovations. May 2010.

Inspection Works and roof cladding Course. Bureau Veritas tec.dptm. June 2004

Special Foundations Course. PYA. SL Consulting and Training. Feb.2003

Technical Inspection of Buildings Course.
Technological Affairs Commission. Official College of Architects of Galicia. March 2000

Doctoral Courses "Restoring historical and architectural heritage"
School of Architecture. University of A Coruña. 1997/98-98/99

The Cultural Heritage and project design.
Summer Course. University of A Coruña / City Council of Ribadeo. July 1999

Workshops 99: Method and Project.
General Directorate of Cultural Heritage. Xunta de Galicia. September. 1999.

Workshops 98: Matter and Conservation.
General Directorate of Cultural Heritage. Xunta de Galicia. September. 1998
 III Xorn Culturais do Ateneo rolls. "Historic rehabilitation Centers."        Iria Flavia, Nov. 1998.

Advanced Course zoning laws. C.O.A.G.1997

Hall of Architecture, International Cultural Heritage        (SIPAC). September. 1997.

Course Design and Management of Sports Facilities. January 1996

English (high level, spoken and written)                       First Certificate of Cambridge University
                                                                                  Certificate Course EF Language College, Hastings.
                                                                                  Official School of Languages.

Microsoft Office

1.Prize Competition for the Rehabilitation and expansion of M. Torres Museum and Youth Information Office in Marin, Pontevedra competition. Feb. 1999

1. Prize "Managing of the Garden, Park and river Umia competition in Caldas de Reis. Pontevedra" Feb. 1997

1.Prize "Managing municipal property in Gondomar competition, Pontevedra. January 1996.

Finalist outdoor pools and recreational areas.Hon. Diputación de A Coruña. July 1996.

Second Prize "Regional Centre of Ribeiro wine. Ribadavia competition . July 1999.

Special Mention in the competition for the Regional Centre Caldelas. Ourense.April 2000.

Second Prize .II Constructive Solutions PLADUR Competition. June 1990